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Changes Bring Blessings and Challenge

“When you are finished changing, you are finished” – Benjamin Franklin I’ve been around the insurance business for 20 years, and I have seen quite a few changes.  I have witnessed companies that resisted change and loved the comfort that routine offers.  I have also worked with a company that seemed to bring about change for…

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40.5 Million Americans Are Uninsured: Are You One of Them?

Screenshot_2020-09-02 HBS Article - 16 Million pdf - HBS Article - 16 Million pdf pdf

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has changed the landscape of work environments, employee benefits, recreation, community involvement, and even how we worship. In short, nearly every aspect of our pre-COVID lives has changed. Many companies have been forced to conduct layoffs and corporate downsizing has become more prevalent. Recently, a study was released which showed these…

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Short Term Disability and COVID-19

What is Short Term Disability, and why is it important?  Over the past 30 days my office has filed 14 Short Term Disability Claims with policyholders stricken with COVID-19.  All 19 were extremely happy they had the coverage in place before the epidemic took place.  While in quarantine and unable to work, they continued to…

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Tips for Successfully Working from Home

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Successfully Working from Home Due to possible COVID-19 exposure many workers are being forced to work from home. Most of us have enjoyed the comfort and short commute to the office. However, we also discovered that finding the right balance between household and work responsibilities is a real challenge. As a self-employed small business owner, I have worked…

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5 Business Etiquette Rules for Successful Sales


5 Business Etiquette Rules for Successful Sales These days with the advent of multi-million dollar Customer Relations Management (CRM) systems, instant communication with clients via, text, email and voice calls, are viewed as 100% essential. Still, the fact is that people in 2020 still buy from those they like and trust. Without that connection you will…

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